TOHONO O'ODHAM NATION – Juan Manuel Marquez proved he's still one of the top pound for pound performers in the sport as he defended his WBC Super-featherweight belt with a bloody, one sided unanimous decision over a game but outgunned Rocky Juarez before a frenzied crowd at Desert Diamond Casino on Saturday night.

The Showtime televised gala may have been justifiably one sided in the scoring department, but it was anything but easy. Both heroes got busted up plenty, but Juarez was definately the worse for the whapping wear.

“I knew Juarez would be tough,” said a multi-bruised Marquez. “He fought like a champion. I'm very happy from this fight. Now I want Manny Pacquiao.”

“I tried my best,” said Juarez, who has nothing to be ashamed of. “I got cut from a headbutt in the first round and that made it tough for the rest of the fight. I give Marquez credit for giving me the shot. I respect him a lot. I like to think I've fought the best, and Marquez definitely is. I still plan on winnning a title sooner or later. Rocky will be back.”

Coming in, the contest shaped up as a potential Fight of the Year situation based on the fighters' qualifications, but depending on how the Calzaghe-Kessler bout turned out, Marquez-Juarez may not have even ended up as the tilt of the weekend.

It turned out to be an excellent contest, but there was little drama since Marquez seized most of the momentum and never let go.

Juarez came in with his guard up and tried to apply pressure, but Marquez fired huge shots underneath to keep him off.

Marquez controlled the distance with a stronger jab, and the cut over Juarez's left eye, from an accidental butt, bled all night long.

Juarez scored with some big right hand blasts, but Marquez shrugged them off and came back with harder, and many more rights of his own.

Marquez reached around with brutal thumps to the ribs. By the middle rounds, it seemed like the fight was out of reach for the challenger.

Marquez put on a great display of boxing prowess. Juarez put on a great display of guts.

Juarez tried to rally down the stretch and hung tough, but Marquez looked like the Hall of Fame performer he is.

Scoring: Robin Dolpierre 118-110, Burt Clements 117-111, Chris Wilson 120-108. Referee Bobby Ferrara did a good job letting them rumble. The Sweet Science saw it all Marquez, who may get the mega-rematch with Pacquiao in March.

“Pacquiao said he's the Mexican killer,” summed up Marquez. “He hasn't proved that to me.”

Promoter Oscar de la Hoya said Golden Boy would work to secure the face off as soon as possible.

Tonight, it was Marquez who looked killer.