Manny's been talking a lot coming in to this fight. He's trying to give his guy a boost in self confidence. They're desperate, looking for an advantage. Manny doesn't usually do that. I flat laughed. I knew what they are trying to do.

Was I mad? Nah. What's Manny gonna do come fight night? Whatever they have planned, it doesn't mean anything to me. I'll do my talking with my fists.

Is it disrespectful? Some of it was. But that happened before with Miranda. I didn't get the credit I deserved, but I got it now. They're the only ones talking like that.

Don't worry, I won't freeze up on Saturday. I train too hard, I have to give credit to my focus. I stick to my plan.

As far as strategy, I'll throw a lot of punches as I always do. JT is straight down the middle. I'll use more head movement. My sparring partners are faster than Taylor. I'm not going to be a sitting target.

Taylor is strong, he's a big middleweight. But he doesn't hit harder than Miranda, or Zertuche. We don't look past Taylor's weak KO ratio. I'll keep my hands up, and stay focused.

I'm ready to get the show on. I'm ready to get in and let my hands go.

I don't predict a knockout, I do predict a win, no matter which way I get it, I'll take it.

To the readers of, thanks for your support. I'll put on a show for the fans, it's gonna be a good one.