Details magazine isn’t typically known for providing boxing-related content.

Why would the men’s style mag go there, after all?

But in this month’s issue, Ivan Solotaroff followed Tommy Morrison for a spell as the Duke made his way on the comeback trail.

The magazine’s content targets gay males, largely, so that explains the seeming non sequitor feature.

Morrison, age 38, was told he was HIV positive in 1996, and stepped away from the ring. He slipped into a gutter of despair, trafficking in substance abuse and ill-conceived romantic tangles. But this year, he resurfaced, proclaiming his HIV status was misdiagnosed in 1996.

Solotaroff delved in deep with Morrison, who admitted that back in the “good old days,” he used to hook up with three women a day.

The piece features a controversial comment by Morrison (47-3-1) about fighting black men (I won’t steal a peal from the piece, pick up the latest details, or hit, among other juicy tidbits.

Morrison gives a fuller account of his battle with the virus, which he states were actually symptoms of street drug usage, not an immune deficiency illness. He also answers the charge, leveled in June by his former agent, that his negative tests were rigged.

It’s a good read, check it out.