We may have seen the last ring work of a fight legend, as Erik Morales lost a unanimous decision to David Diaz in Illinois on Saturday evening.

The bout was a thriller, reports the AP's Andrew Seligman, who said that the 31-year-old Diaz  (33-1-1) earned his win after hitting the deck in the first round.

Diaz defended his WBC lightweight title against Morales (48-6), the Mexican legend who has now lost four straight bouts. He may be 30 years old, but Morales is double that in boxing years, after engaging in war after war since turning pro in 1993. After the bout, he said he would hang up the gloves for good.

The Tijuana native, who's been battling scale woes the last few years,  said retirement would be a definite option if he wasn't able to get past Diaz, a Chicago native. Hopefully, he'll resist any temptation to lace them up again. The Hall of Famer to be deserves a long, relaxing retirement, after all the blows he's absorbed over the years.

It appears that people who coughed up the $45 for the PPV were treated to a thrilling last stand for a proud, talented warrior who exemplified the skill and grit of Mexico's best battlers.