Pretty Boy versus the Hitman, another boxing megafight.

It's looking like Floyd Mayweather will attempt to be the first man to hand England's Ricky Hatton a loss, as the BBC is reporting that Hatton's father says that a tentative deal has been struck for a megafight.

Ray Hatton said a verbal contract had been struck between lawyers for both parties with, crucially, an agreement reached over the financial side.

The date and venue haven't been nailed down, but  November 10 or  December 8 in Las Vegas are lead contenders.

“I can't honestly tell you a deal has been done until I see the signatures on all the documents,” Hatton the father said.

“But what I can say is that both sides were happy with what we finalised verbally.”

Mayweather advisor Leonard Ellerbe told told USA Today: “I never thought he would do it, but Ricky Hatton deserves credit for stepping up to the plate.

“He asked for it and now he's going to get it. Floyd is extremely excited. He wants to show Hatton that he's never fought at this level before.

The fight will likely be contested at 147 pounds.

Mayweather, the hip hop hitter whose persona and style of fighting leave fight fans split on whether to love him or loathe him, has a 38-0 record. Hatton, a common man prone to bloating up on beer and fried food in between bouts, is also undefeated, at 43-0. He needs this fight, as his reputation is under attack in some circles for resting on old laurels (a 2005 win against Kostya Tszyu). Some might argue that this is Hatton's cash-out bout, his retirement account, and that he hasn't a prayer of matching Mayweather's skills at a weight that doesn't suit his frame.