I watched Hatton against Castillo and I thought Hatton did what he needed to do.

I said before, Castillo's a shot fighter, and as usual when I disagree with the media, I'm right!

It's ridiculous, people look at me like I got ten heads when I said Castillo was shot!

I read Mike Woods' piece before I fought N'dou, too, and the comments after. I read TheSweetScience.com, I read all the websites. TSS has a lot of good writers, and they give good opinions, plus I know a lot of their writers.

C'mon, anybody with a right mind on boxing had to know that my speed would give Lovemore lots of problems.

Maybe people don't want to see me succeed, I'm flashy, good looking, I'm all the things they are not. Your opinion, Mike, should have been respected. But it will continue, that sort of stuff. But I'm only going to get better, so people better get used to it, or stop watching boxing. Because Paulie Malignaggi is going to be around for awhile.

Maybe it's jealousy, but I've seen it for three years. I'll give you an example. After Cotto beat Judah, people were talking about it being Fight of the Year. But I won more rounds than Judah, and people said my fight was a “beating.” I'm tired of the disrespect. I'm sick and tired of it.

But I'll just keep on winning fights.

People sometimes say I'm arrogant, but I'm going to keep on being “arrogant,” believing in myself.

Hatton mentioned my name as a possible opponent in the post-fight press conference, when the ball is in his court, he talked about me, even if people are saying there are no threats for him at junior middleweight. My performance was only a week ago so it's not like people forgot about me! I'm pissed off!

I do think Hatton's main goal would be Floyd Mayweather, but I think that's a one sided fight. At 147, that's not good for him. The best bet for him, for fan appeal, would be to fight me.

I say it respectfully, but there's no doubt in my mind that I can beat Hatton. He's just so flawed. It's not like Cotto, he's flawed, but he has that unbelievable power.

Hatton said the best guys he's fought are Tszyu and Castillo. Nope. Those were the most recognizable guys, but they were both finished as top flight fighters when he met them. The best fighter he fought was Luis Collazzo, and Collazzo beat him!

Really, I don't think Hatton looked good at all against Castillo. He was smothering himself. He's so one dimensional. Against a good fighter like Paulie Malignaggi, Hatton will be exposed.

I don't want to come off as disrespectful, I respect the things Hatton has accomplished. I respect his fan appeal, and he seems like a nice guy.

Me and Hatton could be in Madison Square Garden, or Atlantic City, we can do it anywhere. But not Manchester. He'll body slam me, or bring in chairs if he wants, like in wrestling, and I wouldn't stand for that.