Professional prizefighters James Toney and Dan Batchelder were found to have traces of steroids, said the California State Athletic Commission on Tuesday.

Toney and Batchelder tested positive for steroids on two separate urine samples.

“They were loaded,” said Armando Garcia, executive director for the Commission.

Both heavyweights prizefighters fought each other three weeks ago on a fight card in San Jose and were tested for drugs and steroids before and after the fight.

Toney, 38, was found with two different types of steroids, Boldenone and Stanozolol, in his test samples. It was the second time Toney was found with positive steroid use. Following a fight for the WBA world title against John Ruiz, Toney was suspended by the New York State Athletic Commission in May 2005.

New York’s Batchelder, 30, was found to have a high rate of testosterone (indicative of human growth hormone) and also had traces of two steroids Stanozolol and Oxandolone.

Efforts to reach Toney, Batchelder and promoter Dan Goossen by telephone were unsuccessful.

Their fight in San Jose resulted in a split-decision last May 24.

Garcia said both fighters are suspended for the rest of the year and will be fined $2,500, the maximum allowed.

Steroid testing in California began this year. Nevada has had steroid testing for a number of years.