I will definitely win Saturday against Miranda. I’m the most confident I’ve ever been going in to a fight.

The guy fights as a bully, he runs his mouth, but when you throw back at him, he backs up. He was hurt against Allan Green and Howard Eastman.

Our plan is to make him go backwards.

In every fight you step up your conditioning, but I’m in the best shape ever for this one. I haven’t seen anything from Miranda besides the big right hand he winds up with.

I throw down the middle, from inside and outside…and you saw I can take a punch in my fight against Zertuche.

Camp was eight weeks in Youngstown, Ohio, one week to get loosened up and then seven hard weeks. We had for sparring 22-1-2 Yusuf Mack from Philly and 19-11-2 Teddy Muller from Illinois, super middles.

I think I’m too polished for Miranda, my style is to throw 90 punches per round.

I definitely won’t look past Miranda to a big fight with Taylor or someone…I never look past anyone, anyone with two hands can be dangerous.

Miranda’s talking, I don’t pay attention to all that. He has no self-confidence, so he’s trying to get into my head. Some of the stuff he says is amusing.

He said he’s worked on his defense, I hope he’s worked on it, seeing as how in his last few fights he hasn’t shown much of it. How will Miranda react to pressure, not being able to set up the big right hand?

He’s a great fighter, and he’s ranked for a reason, but who has he fought?

You’ll see Saturday, when I come through with the win. I know I’ll win, by decision, or I’ll wear him down and knock him out.