Floyd Mayweather had a back and forth beef with Dana White, the UFC president. It started when Floyd dissed UFC during his World Awaits promo tour, saying that he could find a so-so heavyweight who could kick Chuck Liddell’s butt.

PBF said he’d put a million bucks of his own roll on the table to promote the inter-discipline showdown.

White, the pugnacious honcho, returned fire.  He offered two million bucks for Mayweather to fight, using UFC rules, one of the UFC’s young bucks. Then, after PBF gave ODLH the what-for on May 5, White told reporters that he’d like PBF to fight UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk.

Now, IBF welterweight champion Kermit Cintron, who’ll be defending his crown against mandatory challenger Walter Matthysse on July 14 in Atlantic City, NJ, is re-stirring the pot.

Cintron says that after he takes care of the Argentine Matthysse, he’d like to step in for Pretty Boy Floyd, and uphold the honor of the sweet science in the Octagon.

“I want the fight,” the 27-year-old Cintron said.  “I can wrestle.  I can box.  I can beat those UFC fighters at their own game.  Tell Mr. White to make me an offer and I’ll take on his guy after I fight Matthysse on July 14.”

The Puerto Rican born Cintron (27-1, 25 KO’s) won the vacant IBF crown on October 28, 2006, when he beat Mark Suarez (TKO 6).  As a senior in high school he was offered full wrestling scholarships to Wisconsin University and Ohio State University, his camp tells us.

The Cintron-Matthysse fight is the top support bout for the Arturo Gatti-Alfonso Gomez contest.

I admire Cintron’s stones, but I do not think he knows what he’d be getting into. High school wrestling experience is great, but Sherk is used to slipping punches, and if Cintron didn’t land a finisher early, he’d find himself on the floor, twisted into a pretzel, tapping out.