With one week to go to their showdown, Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather got in a final flurry of trash talk after the Juan Diaz/Acelino Freitas bout at Foxwoods. Most of the interplay was familiar to those who've followed the hypefest that has unfolded for the last four months.

“He's still the same little brat,” De La Hoya said, when asked by HBO's Bob Papa what he's learned about Floyd from the 24/7 reality show experience. “Oscar has no personality,” PBF countered.

Floyd said that his Uncle Roger is the best trainer, and said Floyd Sr. hasn't come to the gym lately, but is welcome to at any time. He wasn't eager to delve into the subject.

Oscar said that working with Shane Mosley has helped his training, and that SSM's power and speed is approximate to PBF's.

Bob Papa asked PBF if he relished playing the villain, and PBF went back to the Shane scenario. “All those guys at Golden Boy are puppets,” he said. He then proclaimed the fabulousness of his persona.

“Floyd got under my skin and made me train hard,” Oscar said.

De La Hoya said he'll need to adjust to PBF's game, and said the bout will be “pretty interesting to watch.”

PBF said Oscar can try anything and everything on May 5th, but nothing will work.

Floyd has no health woes, or weight woes, he said. He'll come in at 150 or 151 pounds. Oscar said that he has no injuries, for the first time in his career, coming in to the bout.

FYI the final 24/7 airs on Thursday, May 3rd at 9:30 PM.

After the interview, Lennox Lewis said that Mayweather has too much speed for De La Hoya.

“At some points he'll have to fight him,” LL said.

Max Kellerman said that May 5th has pumped up people, beyond the hardcore fans.

“Floyd is the best boxer in the game and Oscar deserves a lot of credit for getting in the ring with him,” Kellerman said, without offering a prediction.

Next weekend, the highest profile bout since Lewis/Tyson in 2002 will take place, and I want to hear what TSS readers think will go down.

Please, flood us with your predictions. Send comments, as copiously as Juan Diaz throws punches!