There’s no doubt that Jorge “El Travieso” Arce is Mexico’s #1 boxing attraction and a darling of the lighter-weight divisions. His fans adore the charismatic fighter. His last fight against Argentinean Julio Ler brought out more than seven thousand to the Honda Center in Anaheim, California; that's a very good crowd by Southern California standards.

Unfortunately, Ler came to survive. But as always, Arce put on a great show.

“I did everything I could to win spectacularly,” said Arce (46-3-1, 35 KOs) on the phone from San Antonio where he awaits a meeting with countryman and WBC Super flyweight champion Christian Mijares (30-3-2, 11 KOs) this Saturday on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Jorge Solis undercard.

They’re two world class super flyweights whose styles couldn’t be any more different.

While Arce loves to brawl toe to toe, Mijares likes to box and sneak in with flurries of punches.

“This is going to be like Julio Cesar Chavez versus Hector Camacho,” said Arce of the fight. “With me as Chavez of course. He’s going to be running and running. You just wait.”

Arce has developed a bit of a dislike for Mijares after the Mexico City native, who is managed by Ignacio Huizar, reportedly called the usually hyper Arce, a “TV clown”.

“He’s been doing a lot of talking and we’ll see just how brave he is inside the ring. I don’t think he’ll be able to back up his words once the bell rings,” said Arce.

Arce is aware of Mijares’ reputation as a fine boxer and that he poses a real danger. “I know it’s a difficult fight. Mijares is a very slippery type of fighter but I’m going to close down any exits he might see. I’ll make sure there’s no where for him to run.”

The former junior flyweight and flyweight champ plans to make Mijares eat some crow served up Sinaloa style (Sinaloa is the state where he hails from). “On the day of the fight we’ll see who the great fighter is. We’re going to see what he’s made of, if he’s for real or not,” said Arce with an intense tone.

He’s also developed some negative feelings towards flyweight champion Vic Darchinyan. “Darchinyan is another one that needs to keep his mouth shut. Eventually he’ll get his turn.”

Arce realizes he’s a major target. It only makes sense that other fighters want to make their names at his expense: “Everyone wants to fight me because I’m the best and I have to keep proving I’m the best by fighting only top rate competition.”

Although arguably more famous for his television work on Mexico’s Big Brother than his fighting, Arce feels blessed to have made such an impact on his fans. “It’s a big honor for me that people love me so much. It makes me feel good. I’m always thinking about the public and putting on a great show so they’ll love me even more,” said Arce.

If Arce wins against Mijares it would be his third coronation in three different weight classes. Ultimately he’s shooting for more in the near future. “I want to win the super flyweight title and defend it against people like Martin Castillo and Vic Darchinyan,” said Arce. “If things go my way, I’ll eventually move up to bantamweight and win a world title there too.”

He assures the fight fans that there’s no weight issue, just a desire to make some history. “I feel perfect at this weight for now,” Arce said. “The only reason I’d move up would be to fulfill the goal of winning four titles in four different divisions.”

Known for his flamboyant entrances, Arce stated that the public should always expect a surprise from him. His entrance on a dancing horse before he stepped into the ring against Ler was well received by fans at the Honda Center and those watching from home on HBO. “I might top that entrance,” he said. “Who knows? I’m always full of surprises. Watch and find out.”

Three other fights will be televised on Top Rank’s Pay-Per-View. Brian Viloria will take on Edgar Sosa for the WBC junior flyweight championship. Also televised will be Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Anthony Shuler in a welterweight bout.

The ticket sales have been brisk for the event which is expected to draw about 20,000 fans.