Vitali Klitschko eyeballs Oleg Maskaev and Lennox Lewis

Former heavyweight champion of the world Vitali Klitschko, who recently announced his return to active duty after a premature retirement, has told ITV that the fight he most wants is a rematch with Lennox Lewis.

Klitschko quit the game in November 2005 due to persistent knee and back problems. He was 34 at the time, and his exit from the scene left a void in the division, a void subsequently filled by his younger brother Wladimir.

There has been talk the fight’s already being advertised in Eastern Europe about Vitali squaring off against WBC world heavyweight champion Oleg Maskaev in Moscow, but Klitschko the elder feels that he still has unfinished business from his 2003 slugfest in LA.

“Lennox Lewis is a gentleman and he promised me a rematch, said Klitschko. Everybody wants to see the second part of the story.

“I never lost the fight. The doctor allowed him to keep his title, I was ahead on points. I’ve never fought such a strong fighter but I know I beat Lennox.”

Klitschko may know he beat Lewis, but few others do, since the fight was stopped legitimately, within the rules, such as those rules are, and such as those rules are enforced.

“I have a vision for the future, a dream, continued Klitschko. And once I’ve beaten Maskaev I’ll tell you what it is.”

Bernd Boente, Klitschko’s manager, said that “Vitali retired because of the seriousness of his knee injury. He was told it would take between six and nine months to recover and he knew he’d lose his title.

“But now he feels fine again and he wants to dominate the heavyweight division along with his brother.

“He saw Lennox recently and said to him, ‘Lennox, Lennox when are you going to make a comeback,’ but Lennox said he’s too fat now.”