Mike Tyson pleads not guilty at Monday’s coke/DUI hearing

In another instance where truth takes a backseat to expediency, one-time heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson pleaded not guilty earlier today to charges of drug possession and DUI.

Tyson spoke only when spoken to at his Monday morning hearing before Commissioner Lisa Vandenberg of the Maricopa County Superior Court, and by all accounts the former baddest man on the planet was on his best behavior.

A member of Tyson’s legal team, attorney David Chesnoff, said, according to the AP, that Tyson has begun to seek help “for whatever problems he has. Drug addiction is a victimless crime. We believe this is the kind of crime where you shouldn’t go to prison.”

We concur, but realize such thinking hurts the justice business.

“Mike provided a lot of thrills and excitement,” Chesnoff added. “He made a lot of people rich. He’s concerned about this. He’s a sensitive guy. This is not a game to him.”

Tyson is facing felony drug possession for three bags of blow found on his person on Dec. 29, and paraphernalia possession counts, and two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence of drugs.

Tyson is looking at up to 7½ years behind bars if found guilty of all the charges.

Andrew Thomas, the Maricopa County Attorney, has said he believes Tyson belongs behind bars, in part because of Mike’s prior arrests and convictions, in part because Mike broke the law another time, in part because of the D.A.’s ambition and dumb luck.