Former heavyweight champion’s BMW X5 on the block

Always on the lookout to expand our ever-growing fleet of priceless company cars, we keep our eyes peeled for vehicles worthy of putting our hallowed name on the registration and came across this nugget of a four-wheeler with a distinctly boxing provenance on

For the price of £21,495 ($42,318) you can be the lucky owner, assuming we don’t beat you to the punch, of former heavyweight champion of world Frank Bruno‘s BMW X5.

The 2002 model SUV is powered by a 4.4-litre V8, producing 320bhp and 324 lb/ft of pulling power. It accelerates from 0 to 60 in 7.8 seconds, useful if one is being chased by rapid fans or belligerent creditors, and has a top speed of 137 mph for quick getaways.

The set of wheels is fully-loaded with sat-nav, front and rear TV screens, DVD player, a PlayStation, you name it.

Other features include full leather interior, climate and cruise control and huge 22-inch AC Schnitzer alloy wheels.

If you act now, you might just be lucky enough to get your hands on the boxing-cum-pantomime star’s old car’ which has just under 60,000 miles on the odometer.

Because I’m contemplating writing a check for Frank Bruno’s BMW as we speak, it might be a little too late for you hungry car enthusiasts to nab this one-of-a-kind boxing car purchase. But fear not. Because there are other goodies available to those whose eyes are wide enough, whose pockets are deep enough, to appreciate the finer things in life.

The last car to be driven by Frank Sinatra a 1985 Chrysler LeBaron paneled station wagon that was a gift from his wife Barbara is also for sale on Auto Trader, and for a song. The cost is only £20,000 ($39,318).

If Ol’ Blue Eyes and his car are too fin de siècle for your tastes we forgive you and regret being so retro, but there’s a final item for sale that would look pretty darn sharp speeding down the open road with you behind the wheel. I’m talking about none other than guitar god Eric Clapton‘s Ferrari 360 Modena F1 for only £69,000 ($135,647).

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about jumping out of my skin at the thought of more ownership and I’m gonna go grab myself one of those suckers right now and, boy, is the boss going to be surprised when I drive up to the TSS headquarters behind one of these sporty new vehicles tomorrow morning.