Do you want to see Bernard Hopkins fight Roy Jones again?

Only fools don’t respect Bernard Hopkins‘ and Roy Jones‘ accomplishments in the ring, but while Jones has been irrelevant in the larger scheme of boxing things for quite some time, Hopkins has been more or less straddling the fence until now.

According to Dan Rafael at, Hopkins, who is described as world light heavyweight champion, despite a propensity to retiring and un-retiring with the frequency of a diva, told Dandy Dan that he is in negotiations to face rival Roy Jones Jr. in a July 21 HBO PPV rematch.

Great, just what boxing, the quintessential young man’s sport, needs: a 42-year-old getting it on with a 38-year-old, on pay-per-view no less, to avenge a loss that occurred 13 long years ago (1993), and that by now most of us have forgotten.

Rafael writes that Hopkins named Jones as one of the fighters he most wanted to face. One reason a rematch might be made this time around: Jones, who turns 38 next week, doesn’t have any other options for a significant fight.

I guess that’s as good a reason as any for the match to get made.

“We’re talking to Roy, said Hopkins. We’d both like the fight. I’m about 185 or 190 right now, but I will be back at 175 and be in great shape.” But Hopkins said he isn’t coming back for just one fight. “Three more,” he said.

Hopkins has always made blowing minds one of his sub-specialties, but his proposed fight with Jones seems less about blowing minds than about blowing hard-earned cash on what increasingly looks like boxing’s senior’s tour.

But if Bernard really wants everyone to sit up and take notice of his skills and willingness to keep fighting, he and Mackie Shilstone should get to work ASAP to get Ex back down to middleweight, so he can fight someone worthy of his talents and ambition, someone, say, like Edison Miranda.

That bout would be guaranteed to give fight fans the maximum bang for their maximum buck.

But the Hopkins vs. Jones rematch? What about it, Blog Squad? Is it worth fifty smackers to you to see Bernard Hopkins/Roy Jones II?