Calzaghe saw Taylor/Ouma, scratch Jermain Taylor

It looks like Joe Calzaghe‘s planned stateside debut next summer will not be against middleweight king Jermain Taylor, who’s been itching to come up in weight, but not for the reason you might think.

The unbeaten WBO super middleweight Welsh sensation defends his crown on April 7 against Contender star, and Providence, RI native, Peter Manfredo, Jr. at the Millennium Stadium, and there’s been a ton of speculation as to who Calzaghe fights next.

But Calzaghe, according to informed sources, was extremely unimpressed by Jermain’s performance against Kassim Ouma.

I don’t think it’s fair to push him (Taylor) up to my level yet. Maybe in another year, said Calzaghe, reports the South Wales Echo. It’s frustrating for me because it would be a big-money fight, but it’s obvious he’s just not ready.

Even Lou DiBella, Taylor’s promoter, agrees: I think he’s right. I think Jermain needs a couple more fights. I think he hasn’t looked as good in his last two fights as he did in the second Hopkins fight. I’m not going to push this kid beyond where he should be.

If Calzaghe’s hands can withstand the hardheaded Manfredo’s skull, there’s still an opponent out there to be named, to be determined.