Madonna’s take on hall-of-famer Emile Griffith

According to today’s Sun, Madonna, the Queen of Pop, aka the Material Girl, plans on directing her first feature film, called Blade To The Heart, which explores the fatal Emile Griffith-Benny Paret fight from 1962.

Madge’s company, Maverick Entertainment, is behind the project, which will also presumably deal with the ambiguities of Griffith’s sexuality, which in part led up to the tragic bout and death of Paret.

The outing will be Madonna’s first time behind the camera. Her in front of the camera credits include Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), A League Of Their Own (1992), Dick Tracy (1990), Evita (1996), and the remake of Swept Away (2002), a flop directed by her husband Guy Ritchie.

In addition to those formal acting credits, Madonna concert films, The Virgin Tour (1985), Blond Ambition (1990), Truth or Dare (1991), and The Girlie Show (1993), etc., establish her bona fides when it comes to exploring the outer limits of polymorphous perversity.