Live Saturday night from the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Fla. (HBO), hometown hero Winky Wright, riding high but riding low after the questionable draw to Jermain Taylor, faces the Comeback Kid, Ike Quartey from Ghana, also smarting a recent questionable decision of his own. Winky’s got the goods, the whole package, but Mr. Excitement he’s not, while Ike’s got heart and punch, but he’s in tough in Tampa. This is how The Sweet Science writers see Winky Wright vs. Vernon Forrest.

Both these guys are coming off questionable decisions in which they both thought they were robbed (I agree). That doesn't mean anything other than the fact that they might not want to see it go to the judges, and they might be less likely to sit on what they think is a lead. Still, I gotta go with Winky by decision. He's just too slick for Quartey, and he's fighting at home for the first time in almost 15 years.
Rick Folstad

Ike Quartey will do his best to try and get Winky Wright to exchange bombs, but Wright will have none of it. Wright will land lots of leather on his way to winning a unanimous decision.
Randy Gordon

Winky unanimous decision over Quartey. His awesome defense and tactical skills will outclass Quartey.
Amy Green

When Quartey fought Vernon Forrest back in August, Lou DiBella sold the fight by predicting that the loser would have no future in the sport. Even at 37, Quartey could still beat a lot of junior middleweights, but Winky Wright isn't one of them. The fact that he's taking this fight at all, especially in St. Pete, suggests that Ike is looking for one more payday. Winky oughta walk right through him.
George Kimball

Winky will be too big and strong for Quartey and probably be content to work from the outside all night. Quartey, at 160 pounds, does not have the power to dent Wright's beard. And at age 37, who knows how much Ike has left in the tank? Winky should win about 9-10 rounds and cruise to a unanimous decision.
Evan Korn

I like Ike but Ike is past his prime and fighting above his ideal weight. Winky fights a little like Floyd Mayweather in that his style is hit and not get hit but his chances of a knockout are lower the PBF. Ike probably isn’t going to catch Winky with one solid shot that puts him down and out and the odds are he’s not going to win via decision. Winky is a natural middleweight, Ike is not. Ike is past his prime, Winky is not. Therefore, it would make my day to see Ike get the W, but I’m going to go out on a limb and instead of choosing Winky via decision as seems to be the consensus, Winky via TKO round 10.
Scott Mallon

Against top-flight competition, Quartey always does just enough to lose with dignity. By the third round, you'll see all there is to see in this fight. Although aggressive, Quartey's speed or style never deviates. The normally tactical Wright will cruise to a dull, predictable one-sided decision. Wright W 12        
Robert Mladinich

Wright is still near the top of his game, while Quartey is far from the top of game. Wright wins late.
Ed Schuyler

The only way Winky Wright will lose this bout is if his frustration over getting a rematch becomes too distracting. That is not likely. Wright by unanimous decision.
Aaron Tallent

Two proven topnotch fighters here, but Quartey has seen better days, and quite likely the best of his comeback. Wright may have yet to peak. If Winky isn't still pissed off about the Taylor draw he might let Quartey slide a bit, out of rumbling roots respect, but IF Wright looks to make a statement ol' Ike will be fortunate to make it to the final bell.
Phil Woolever