Former world heavyweight champion mulling return to ring

Vitali Klitscho, 35, the older brother of IBF/IBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, and himself a former WBC/WBO heavyweight champion, is contemplating returning to the ring after retiring in Nov. 2005 due to knee and back injuries.

After his unsuccessful bid for the mayoralty of Kiev left him somewhat adrift, and with the heavyweight division in worse shape than when he left, the big, strong, tough Ukrainian wants to return to the fray, and his ultimate opponent is of course Lennox Lewis.

Newspapers in Germany have reported that the elder Klitschko is looking for digs in Hamburg, home of Universum, where he can start getting back in shape with old his trainer Fritz Sdunek.

Reports indicate the money is there, the incentive is there, and apparently the will is there for Vitali to lace em up another time. Assuming the Klitschko boys won’t ever fight each other, as they’ve pledged, will Vitali Klitschko, if he does return, mop up the rest of the division?