TIJUANA, Mexico – “El Foro” is a venue located off Tijuana’s infamous Avenida Revolucion which is mostly known for its nonstop party scene and young Americans taking advantage of the 18 and over drinking policy. Formerly a Jai Alai court that was frequented by the likes of Al Capone and Marilyn Monroe, the venue is now home to boxing and music concerts.

Last night, before an estimated 1200 fans, former WBO Bantamweight champion Cruz Carvajal (28-13-1, 24 KO’s) continued his road back to the championship realm with a fifth round stoppage of the tough Alberto Chuc (19-8-2, 15 KO’s) of Merida, Yucatan.

Carvajal, a butcher by trade, used the first round to warm up his overhand rights and lefts that would eventually stop Chuc. Chuc wasn’t there to lay down for Carvajal and exchanged some hard shots from the first round. Carvajal landed some nice straights to the body along with some headshots for variety. A nice uppercut was also thrown in the mix. A hard overhand left landed on Chuc’s face, as well as a shot to the liver, before the round ended. In the second, Chuc tried to be the aggressor but Carvajal was proving too strong and wouldn’t let Chuc inside as he countered with precise uppercuts. Chuc had some success as he had Carvajal on the ropes and landed some winging shots that had little effect on the Veracruz native.

The third round came and Carvajal started in with a nice uppercut. More punches landed by Carvajal as some nice left and right combos shook Chuc, who remained strong and came forward in determined fashion. In the fourth, Carvajal was more on target as he was fully warmed up by now. Carvajal landed several more times as Chuc tried to exchange but his firepower wasn’t enough to deter Carvajal. Carvajal was loading up, yet his opponent was coming forward like a bull trying to make this a war. Carvajal landed to the body and scored with more short uppercuts. Carvajal made the body a target in order to get Chuc to lower his guard and succeeded as he landed a volley of hard shots to Chuc’s head that went uncontested. More shots followed as Chuc was a sitting duck on the ropes. Referee Memo Ayon had seen enough and stopped the beating in the fifth round with the official time of the stoppage coming at 2:01. “I felt really strong in there. A few more fights under my belt and I’ll be ready for anybody at 118 or 122 pounds,” Carvajal said after the bout.

Carvajal’s new manager, Bobby DePhillipis, of Bobby D Presents, stated that he was happy with Carvajal’s performance and would look to get him a ranking and a title shot in 2007.

Marvin Quintero of Culiacan, Sinaloa looked impressive in dispatching Antonio Valencia of Huatabampo, Sonora. Quintero showed some nice footwork and speed that befuddled Valencia. Quintero started out strong landing a nice straight left that buckled his opponent’s knees. Quintero worked his way into Valencia’s guard and landed a short uppercut that snapped Valencia’s head upwards. In the second, Quintero countered and jabbed to the body in order to soften up Valencia. Quintero was also very good defensively as he put on a nice display of bobbing and weaving. He switched to the body attack and dropped Valencia with a brutal left to the liver. Valencia got up and received an eight-count. Quintero continued the attack in an attempt to finish the fight early. Another right hook to the body dropped Quintero again. Quintero was looking unsure if he wanted to continue but the bell made the decision for him as the round ended. In the third, Quintero blasted Valencia’s body and showed variety in his combinations as he alternated between attacking downstairs and upstairs. He stalked Valencia and again dropped him for another eight-count. Referee Memo Ayon let the action continue as Quintero stalked his wounded victim. A final left to the body ended the fight as Valencia was dropped for the last time. The bout was stopped at 2:22 of the third round. A good performance by Quintero who improves his record to 8-1, (5 KO’s). Valencia’s record drops to 9-8, (5 KO’s).

Super Lightweight Jesus “Negro” Gonzalez of Tijuana took on Hector Rodríguez of Los Mochis, Sinaloa in a scheduled six-round affair. Gonzalez started working the body from the beginning of the round as Rodriguez tried to fight off the former Mexican Olympian. The body shots were clearly bothering Rodriguez and matters seemed to go downhill from there. Gonzalez jabbed effectively, bloodying Rodriguez’s nose in the second round. Gonzalez was clearly outclassing his valiant opponent who tried to come in but was kept at bay with a strong jab. Gonzalez connected the body on a more consistent basis by the third round as a hard left hook dropped Rodriguez for an eight-count from referee Memo Ayon. Rodriguez survived only to be dropped again with a straight to the body. Ayon stopped the beating at 2:58 of the third. Gonzalez improves to 11-0, 9 KO’s. Rodriguez drops to 4-3, 2 KO’s.

Emilio Bojorquez outclassed Joel Yocupicio as he attacked the Huatabampo, Sonora native effectively and with precision. Yocupicio didn’t have the power to back up Bojorquez who looks like a decent prospect. Bojorquez, from Tijuana, wins by unanimous decision and improves to 2-0. Yocupicio loses in his pro debut.

Antonio “Canitas” Lozada knocked out Juan Gudino in the first round of a Super Featherweight affair. Lozada of Tijuana remained undefeated at 3-0 with three knockouts. Gudino of Los Mochis, Sinaloa falls to 3-4 with one knockout.

Super Lightweight Paul Rodriguez was held to a draw against Alejandro Ramirez of Tijuana.

David De La Mora knocked out Enrique Felix in one round.

The card was put on by Top Shelf Promotions who are planning one more function before the year’s end.