Just one more fight for Pretty Boy Floyd?

Must be some kind of a joke. Unless you’re Barry Sanders, you don’t walk away in your prime.

That’s like Tiger Woods pawning his golf clubs. Roger Federer hanging up his racquet. Peyton Manning deciding to try soccer.

One last fight? Better ask again tomorrow or next week. Plans change and moods swing. It could be a day-to-day thing.

That’s because when you decide to quit the fight game, you have a tendency to look back over your shoulder when you’re trying to walk away. What you should do is turn your back on it and run as fast as you can. Get as far away as possible.

Unfortunately, you can never run fast enough. Something keeps grabbing you by the collar and dragging you back.

Quit the fight game? Might as well try to quit eating.

That’s the future Floyd Mayweather Jr., all of 29, is looking at. After coasting to an easy win over Carlos Baldomir this weekend and winning the WBC welterweight title, a tearful Mayweather said at the post-fight press conference that he was going to fight one more time and then, well, quit.

Retire rich and undefeated at 38-0.

“I’m doing only one more fight and then I’m walking away,” Mayweather said, perhaps still a little pumped up following an easy fight that earned a few boos for it’s lack of carnage. “I love this sport and the sport of boxing has been very good to me…I don‘t need boxing anymore and I don’t need money anymore.”

I’m pretty sure he’s right about the money thing. He got several million for the Baldomir fight. That should carry him through the winter.

But it’s got to be hard to walk away from something you’re so good at. When you’re the best fighter on the entire planet, why leave?

I don’t think he will, or can. Not yet, anyway.

You’ve also got to consider the moment. Mayweather was emotional following the win, and it’s easy to say things you don’t mean when you’re choking up and tears are rolling down your cheeks.

And let’s be honest here. He did hedge his bet.

“Sure, I might change my mind (and fight a few more times), but right here, right now, I am finished,” he said. “I have nothing else to prove and I have accomplished everything I wanted to.”

Accomplished everything? Well, there’s still that Oscar De La Hoya guy hanging around out there. And that’s a big-money fight that’s going to be hard to pass up regardless of what your bank book reads.

Mayweather’s tentative “swansong” is scheduled for Feb. 24 and the only name anyone seems to mention is De La Hoya’s. But what if that fight doesn’t happen right away? What if Oscar would rather fight in May or June? Does Mayweather still fight on Feb. 24 or does he wait until spring?

And finally, just before the Baldomir fight, he talked about moving up to the 154-pound division just to see what fun things they might have up there for him.

Doesn‘t sound like a guy who wants to walk away.

Sounds like a guy who doesn’t want to leave.