Eileen Olszewski ended 2003 on top of the amateur world, winning the U.S. national title for the third consecutive year. She was unquestionably the best 112-pound fighter in the country and ready to showcase her skills in the professional ranks. But that call never came and three years later Olszewski began to doubt whether she would ever get the opportunity that she had dedicated her life to. It didn’t seem fair. A talented fighter with a stellar amateur background, a diligent trainer in the gym always giving it her all, having to watch her career pass her by while other seemingly less talented women get their shot.

That all changed on the night of November 3 when Eileen Olszewski finally got that call she’s been patiently waiting for, a chance to suit up for the first time as a professional.

Bob Duffy and Tony Mazzarrella’s Ring Promotions dialed up her manager/trainer/husband, Matthew Olszewski, and offered Eileen, also known as Miyoko, a last-minute shot to fight Kimberly Tomes (0-1) last Friday at the Mighty M casino at Monticello Raceway. There was no debating whether or not to take the fight against the unheralded Tomes despite the lack of time to prepare as Team Olszewski always said that they would even start out against the best in the division. The opportunity to fight is all they wanted, regardless of the opponent, and Olszewski took full advantage of her pro debut by dominating Tomes in a four-round bout, winning a unanimous decision and almost stopping her in the process with an unrelenting attack.

“She only got hit twice in the entire fight. She totally outclassed her and was the best fighter of the night,” said Matthew Olszewski.

The future once again looks bright for the now 1-0 Eileen Olszewski, as her riveting performance spurred Ring Promotions to add her to next month’s card. It was a travesty that it took three years for a promoter to give the highly-talented Olszewski her pro debut because her impressive skills and wonderful demeanor is what women’s boxing so desperately needs if it’s to ever rise in status. I applaud Ring Promotions for giving a legitimate fighter her well-deserved chance and for giving boxing fans an exciting new addition to our sport.