Former heavy champion’s killers crack under interrogation

Twenty-year-old Harold Berbick, nephew of Trevor Berbick, and 18-year-old Kenton Gordon confessed to the Oct. 27 slaying of the former WBC heavyweight champion.

The men were formally charged with murder shortly before midnight on Thursday after being interrogated by the police.

Kenneth Bailey, Senior Detective Sergeant of the Port Antonio Criminal Investigative Branch, told the court that the two men admitted to the crime and subsequently assisted the police in locating a second murder weapon, which turned out to be a crowbar.

It was also alleged, according to the Jamaica Gleaner, that on the night of the murder the former champion was partying with friends in his hometown district of Norwich while being closely watched by the two men. The proprietor and several eyewitnesses at one of the nightspots Berbick visited claimed the former champion left for home between 2:30 and 3:30 AM Saturday.

At 5:00 that morning Berbick’s body was discovered by a church deacon who had gone to open the Church of God Chapel, which is near the deceased champion’s house. Trevor Berbick was found lying face down in a pool of his own blood with four wounds to the back of his head.

Carl McDonald, the lawyer representing Harold Berbick, asked Judge Andrea Collins for more time to review his client’s case. Berbick’s nephew and his accomplice, who had no legal representation, are slated to reappear in the Buff Bay Resident Magistrate’s Court on Nov. 7.