Harold Berbick in custody for killing Trevor Berbick

Harold Berbick, the 20-year-old nephew of Trevor Berbick, and an 18-year-old accomplice named Kenton Gordon were arrested yesterday and charged with the former heavyweight champion’s murder.

The two men are scheduled to appear at a magistrate’s court today for arraignment.

The body of Berbick, who was believed to be 51 at the time of his death, was discovered in a church courtyard last week in his home parish of Portland, Jamaica, about 80 miles east of Kingston.

The onetime champ died from multiple blows to the back of his head. According to the police, as reported by the AP, a 2-inch-thick metal pipe recovered from the scene was believed to be the weapon used, not an ax or machete as was first reported.

Harold Berbick’s mother, who was detained for questioning and released earlier this week, had been involved in a long-running and hotly contested land dispute with the now deceased former fighter.

Trevor Berbick had been living in the area since his 2002 deportation from the U.S. He was charged with larceny for breaking into his sister-in-law’s house that year, but was later cleared of any wrongdoing. Berbick was also charged with assault earlier this year for allegedly punching the same woman.

The bad blood has clearly spilled over into something tragic, catastrophic, heartbreaking.