Floyd Mayweather has some choice words for Ricky Hatton

The gesso hasn’t even dried on the Carlos Baldomir canvas, but “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather is already thinking ahead to his next masterpiece.

Everyone knows Floyd’s got the Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya, in his sights, and vice versa, which ought to be a monster payday for both superstars, but many in Great Britain would love to see PBF get it on with their very own Ricky Hatton.

Too bad it’s not happening.

“Ricky Hatton don’t want to fight me, Mayweather told SecondsOut.com. If he did why is he going back down to 140? Why also did he ask for $13 million, when his previous best purse was only $3 million? Ricky should stay back in England fighting wrestlers that are handpicked. As long as he does that he’ll stay undefeated.”

Mayweather was asked why he was so dismissive of Hatton and his string of victories, and Floyd said, “Hatton’s a wrestler. Even when he fought Kostya Tszyu it was a wrestling match. Why does he want to fight me for $13 million when he struggled with a journeyman last time out? And why should I go to England? This is America. I’m the champ. If he wants the fight he has to come here. But Ricky Hatton doesn’t want to fight me.”

By all appearances Hatton would be smart not to fight Mayweather, but let’s first see what happens Saturday night with Carlos Baldomir.