Former heavyweight champ Trevor Berbick murdered in Jamaica

Trevor Berbick, onetime heavyweight champion of the world, was murdered Saturday in Jamaica by an unknown attacker wielding a hatchet or machete.

Berbick, 51, was found in a church courtyard in his home village of Norwich, 146 miles east of Kingston. He was suffering from a gaping head wound and pronounced dead at the Port Antonio Hospital.

The former champ had a chop wound to the head, according to Reuters.

Trevor Berbick represented Jamaica at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games in Montreal and lived for many years in Canada. He turned pro in 1978 and won the WBC heavyweight crown by defeating Pinklon Thomas in 1986.

Berbick returned to Jamaica in 2003 after being deported from the United States, where he had several run-ins with the law and did time in the American penal system

Berbick was the last man to meet the great Muhammad Ali in the ring, in 1981, and held the title until to losing it to a rampaging young phenom out of Brooklyn named Mike Tyson in 1986

The murder of Trevor Berbick is believed to be drug-related.