Samuel “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter has bigger fish to fry

Dino Duva, the promoter for Samuel “Nigerian Nightmare” Peter, has said that contrary to published reports, Peter has no intention of participating in the ballyhooed Superfighter Heavyweight Boxing Tournament scheduled for December 1 in Melbourne, Australia.

We have read recent media reports that the Superfighter Tournament representatives have announced Samuel Peter’s participation in December. We regret that the Superfighter representatives have erroneously mentioned Samuel’s participation. It is not happening, Duva said. We like the Superfighter organizers and think it’s an interesting concept, but Samuel is just not available to participate in December. Perhaps at a later date if the timing works.

Team Peter had looked at the Superfighter concept when it was first floated and have decided that the Nigerian Nightmare may have his hands full with James “Lights Out” Toney in their upcoming rematch and that the Heavyweight Tourney can only distract Peter from his immediate mission. Our only concern, said Duva, is for Samuel to knock out James Toney in their rematch and become the WBC mandatory heavyweight challenger.

Peter’s manager Ivaylo Gotzev agrees. The minute the WBC announced the rematch with James Toney, we’ve been excited and working toward making that fight as soon as possible, he said. The Superfighter Tournament is something that might be an interesting idea down the line, but they’re going to have to look for another fighter because Sam Peter is not available.”