Is Tyson/Holyfield III a sweet dream or NutraSweet nightmare?

From the What Flavor Kool-Aid Are You Drinking Department located in the subbasement of TSS’ world headquarters in New York City comes word via Fight News/World of Boxing that three-time world champion Jeff Fenech, who is training Mike Tyson for his quasi-comeback four-rounder on Oct. 20 against the 360 lb., one-eyed former sparring partner known as T-Rex (Corey Sanders), believes the former baddest man on the planet has enough in his tank to defeat one-time foe, and two-time snack, Evander Holyfield.

Fenech has a soft spot when it comes to Mike Tyson, and will advocate from dusk to dawn on behalf of the disgraced former champ. For example, when asked how Tyson would do against Ali, Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano, Fenech said, He (Tyson) could have beaten them all.

Fenech and Tyson have been working together for the last six weeks. They were together at Mike’s sideshow at the Aladdin in Las Vegas. They’ll be together when T-Rex meets The Dinosaur in Youngstown, Ohio.

It’s easy to make fun of Tyson the fighter, but there’s no denying Tyson the celebrity. Everywhere he goes, everyone knows him, everyone wants a piece of him, and it’s been that way forever. But to fight a four-round exhibition on pay-per-view smacks less of boxing than it does some traveling Wild West review.

It is unbelievable the crowds that have been there to watch him, said Fenech about the stint at the Aladdin. You cannot move when Mike is there. Just unbelievable.

I just did not think he would be that big in America. I have been to London and Scotland with him and the crowds that followed him around was amazing. But in America they have been enormous crowds to watch him train.

The fact that Tyson weighs 240 doesn’t deter the crowds or Fenech a bit. When [Mike] takes his shirt off, Jeff said, he looks great.

An air of dread inevitability hangs over the likelihood of Tyson fighting Holyfield again. There have been whispers that Mike could meet Holyfield, Fenech reports. There has also been talk of Mike fighting Riddick Bowe.

The show must go on.