Sakio Bika hits back at mouthy Joe Calzaghe

Australia’s Sakio Bika, 23-1, has heard all the doubting Thomases out there two Australian-based betting websites had Joe Calzaghe at $1.05 for a win and Bika at $8.00, while British odds makers quoted an even wider gap regarding his Oct. 15 title challenge in Manchester against the undefeated Welsh superstar and has decided it’s high time to set the record straight.

In addition, the 27-year-old Bika is unhappy that Calzaghe is talking up the possibility of a bout against IBF light heavyweight champion and fellow Brit Clinton Woods.

“[The underdog tag] is very good for me because in Europe they’ve got some people who are saying who’s Sakio Bika?'” reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Maybe the Calzaghe camp thinks it will be an easy fight. In Europe, they know me after my last fight against Beyer, but they don’t know me really well, because the fight didn’t go long enough.

“When they chose me, maybe they thought it would be an easy fight but they don’t know me very well and they don’t know the way I can punch.

“The people in England who come and support Calzaghe are going to get a shock.”