Contender glitz versus Hall of Fame gold in ’07?

Great Britain’s ITV reports that former pound-for-pound boxing monarch Roy Jones Jr. may fight former Contender star Peter Manfredo early next year.

Manfredo, hailing from Providence, RI, has become a marquee attraction thanks to the Contender. And Roy Jones needs no introduction. Despite some recent setbacks, he showed he can still win titles and decisions, he can still pack em into Boise.

The combination of Contender glitz vs. Hall of Fame gold is almost too good to be true, almost too good to pass up, almost too easy not to promote.

Jeff Wald, the Contender promoter,’ said he thought the fight could be done in January.

And while Roy’s diva rep is said to have driven sane men completely batty, Wald figures he’s dealt with more temperamental types over the years than Roy Jones Jr.

“Remember, Wald reminded the Las Vegas Review-Journal, I managed Roseanne for two years, maybe more, so I know what a pain in the ass really is.

Jones/Manfredo may not be on a par with Rosanne vs. John Goodman, but it might just be a good fight.