Boxing’s bad boy Mike Tyson hits the road

You know what a geek is? You throw a geek a raw chicken and he’ll eat it, feathers and all, and everyone outside the cage will laugh and applaud. Was I a champ or a geek? Only God knows what I was. Former middleweight champion Jake LaMotta

Mike Tyson, fresh off his recently closed boxing exhibition by the buffet at the Aladdin Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, is making a belated and less than half-serious return to the ring in what is being billed as Mike Tyson’s World Tour.

Tyson will face longtime sparring partner Corey Sanders on Oct. 20 in a 12-round exhibition, the first of many 12-round exhibitions if all goes according to plan.

For the pleasure of watching Tyson fight an exhibition with a sparring partner, the cost will only be $29.95 pay-per-view. (That’s no typo or joke.)

The promoter of this extravaganza, Sterling McPherson, told Dan Rafael at that he thinks the greatest thing Tyson can do for himself is to do this, go around the world and meet people who have never met a star or an icon like Tyson. And the prices will be right. Here in Youngstown, that’s Youngstown, Ohio, about as far from Las Vegas as the earth is from the moon, the top ticket is $200. That used to be the cheapest ticket for a Tyson fight. Here, you’re talking about tickets for $25. Where can you see Tyson in the ring for $25?”

Hubert’s Flea Circus on 42nd Street in Times Square can’t be far behind.