Joe Calzaghe rubs salt in Jeff Lacy’s wound

Undefeated Welsh super middleweight sensation Joe Calzaghe, with his body healed and his confidence soaring, is in training to defend his IBF/WBO titles against Sakio Bika on Saturday, October 14, at the M.E.N Arena in Manchester, England.

On the other side of the pond, Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy is preparing for his first outing (on the undercard of Winky Wright vs. Ike Quartey) since the drubbing he suffered at the hands of Calzaghe in December.

Should both fighters get by their next opponents, Lacy, after he’s had a few more fights, said he wants another shot at Joe Calzaghe.

When Joe heard that Jeff wants a rematch of their title fight, he responded cheekily: “Is this guy crazy or is he still concussed?

“I can give Lacy a thousand and six good reasons why he should not get a rematch against me, because that’s the number of times I landed with punches on the night, and I can count the number of times he caught me on one hand four.”

“Lacy will never be the same fighter again after the one-sided beating I gave him. And how can he call for a rematch when the first fight wasn’t even close or controversial? The only controversy is why his corner didn’t pull him out of the fight sooner.

“If Lacy gets in the ring with me again I’m scared I will get arrested for aggravated assault!”

Calzaghe has every right to crow, he’s boxed his way to the top of the world. He not only showed up Lacy that night, he showed up us Yanks who naively thought Calzaghe was DOA. But Joe already made his statement. He has bigger fish to fry than Lacy, bigger fish to fry than Sakio Bika.

“It’s his buddies in Florida that I’m gunning for. Winky Wright and Antonio Tarver, who are both on the run from me, said Calzaghe. The only way I’ll get them in the ring is if a bounty hunter manages to catch ’em!”

I think that cheeky Welshman Joe Calzaghe may be right.

HBO’s Boxing After Dark will televise Calzaghe’s title defense against Bika at 11 P.M. ET/PT. The bout will be broadcast live in the UK on ITV1.