Is Tito finito enough for Oscar’s swansong?

Oscar De La Hoya has speculated publicly that the opponent for his final fight will either be P4P king “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather or former, and for all intents and purposes retired, middleweight champion of the world Felix “Tito” Trinidad.

“I never have avoided a fight with him, Trinidad told El Nuevo Dia. Six times an offer was made to him and, cowardly, he never signed them. But the last one is on the table.

“He knows my conditions and he knows who my promoter is and it (the talked about fight) must be at 160 pounds. That is my weight. Not a pound less.”

Despite Trinidad’s airing of the issues vis-a-vis weight, he quashed the rumors that there have been discussions with Oscar in that regard.

“I have not spoken with him nor I have authorized to anybody to speak with him in my name,” insisted Trinidad. “Since 1999, I have only spoken with De La Hoya three times. One was in Miami, another one in Los Angeles, and, third, in the last fight that was in the Choliseo and he never said to me that he wanted to fight me. We have spoken of other things, of his boxers, but never did he say to me ‘Tito, I want to fight.’

But, Trinidad added, knowing that I am retired, he has been saying he wants to fight me [He’s] cowardly because I don’t know what other word to use. He has been using me to promote his fights.”

No word yet from De La Hoya in response to Tito’s rant.