In the corner with Clinton Woods and Ricky Hatton

Clinton Woods retained his IBF light heavyweight title with a come-from-behind split-decision victory Saturday night over Glen Johnson at the Reebok Arena in Bolton, England. And he was helped in no small part, according to The Sun, by the badgering of one of his cornermen, the esteemed multi-weight champion Ricky Hatton.

In a fight that many felt that Johnson may have won, the ninth round looked like it was going to be Woods’ Waterloo. Glen was dishing out the punishment like there was no tomorrow, and Woods was absorbing it like a sponge. Johnson had Woods wobbling on the edge of defeat, but the wise words of Ricky Hatton helped Woods rally and turn it around.

Ricky was working in my corner, recalled Woods, and in the ninth Johnson hit me with every shot in the book to easily take the round and go in front. Ricky was screaming at me. In fact every one in the corner was screaming at me.

Hatton told Woods he was effing useless What do you want to do tomorrow after you lose? Go back to plastering effing houses?

His words boosted me, said Woods. He knows what it is all about so to listen to someone like him is an inspiration. It was a bit blurry, but I can remember him saying. You’ve only got to win these next three rounds,’ and effing this’ and effing that.’

Anyway, Woods assured his fans, I don’t fancy going back to plastering just yet.

Sitting ringside at the Woods-Johnson rubber match was Welsh boxing star, undefeated super middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe. Joe watched Woods’ performance and liked what he saw. He definitely wants in on the action.

I hope Clinton doesn’t cheat boxing by avoiding me, Calzaghe said This is a fight we should get on.