Fabulous fighting Hiltons still fighting the law

Former Canadian middleweight champion Alex Hilton, 40, of the fabulous, and fabulously disturbed, fighting Hilton brothers, testified in court Thursday that he has no memory of an armed robbery he’s accused of committing at a convenience store two weeks before Christmas.

Yesterday the prosecution played a video from an in-store surveillance camera which showed Hilton, wearing a dark jacket and a cap, and carrying a baseball bat, entering the store just before closing time.

Hilton told the owner, Lian an Ging, “Give me your money now.”

“How come?” asked Lian.

Hilton is seen on the tape tossing the bat back and forth in a menacing manner, before he ominously slipped his right hand in his right pocket.

Police testified that Lian and the customer chased Hilton to his house two blocks away. When the cops came to investigate, they found $39.19 in Hilton’s pocket.

The arresting officer told the court that Hilton was drunk and asked several times why he was being arrested.

Hilton’s trial resumes in December, when an expert on alcoholism will take the stand.