Hitman Hatton hands over Rolex and invincibility

Word from overseas is that Ricky Hatton has been mugged while vacationing in China. He was ambushed while on holiday in Shanghai by a gang of thugs who wanted, reports The Mirror, and successfully snatched, his £4,000 Rolex.

According to Ricky’s agent Paul Speak, Hitman Hatton had been out drinking with friends when he and said friends were separated. Hatton, a bit in his cups, was attacked on his way back to his hotel.


“There was a scuffle, Speak said. He was pretty scared but did the sensible thing by not trying to fight his way out. Whenever he goes abroad he usually wears a cheap plastic watch but on this occasion he forgot it.

Hatton had flown to the Far East to witness his beloved Manchester City footballers pre-season tour.

“Ricky is a bit embarrassed because he knows that he should have stayed with his mates and not been walking the streets alone.”

If memory serves, not long ago Ricky was mugged after a night of drinking in safer-than-ever New York City