P4P king PBF meets Carlos Baldomir at Mandalay Bay

Dan Goossen, president of Goossen Tutor Promotions, announced that P4P king Floyd Mayweather (36-0, 24 KOs) will challenge Carlos Baldomir (43-9-6-, 13 KOs) for the WBC welterweight title he won from Zab Judah at the Garden.

The fight will be co-promoted by Sycuan Ringside Promotions and HBO PPV will broadcast the bout on Nov. 4 from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

“We’re ecstatic to see the true grit abilities and determination of the modern day Cinderella Man taking on the likes of Mayweather,” said Goossen, “[who’s] clearly on the road to becoming one of the greatest of all time.”

Mayweather-Baldomir, on paper, conjures up thoughts as a Fight of the Year candidate, and from a sports fan’s perspective this bout represents the linear world welterweight champion in Baldomir going against the pound-for-pound best in Mayweather.

Mayweather continues to face champions in higher weight classes. This spectacular extravaganza will determine if size matters when Baldomir tries to impose his will and strength on Mayweather. Or will the ‘Pretty Boy’ show the world once again size doesn’t matter when fighting the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world?”

Theoretically, Mayweather-Baldomir is a more desirable bout than the recently announced Mayweather vs. Cory Spinks. Still, it’s hard to imagine Baldomir laying a hand on speedy Mayweather, whether the fight goes 10, 12 or 15 rounds.