John Duddy gives the words hot prospect new meaning

Unlike so many other sports, in boxing the fighter is very much on his own. Notwithstanding the support of cornerman, which can be variable in the extreme, in the fight game there are no teammates, no substitutes, no pinch hitters, no pinch runners, no relief pitchers, no nothing. So when a fighter goes down prior to big bout, the big bout often goes down as well.

Word from New York is that John Duddy, the undefeated middleweight slugger from Ireland who was due to fight Carlos Bojorquez on August 10 at the Orleans in Las Vegas, is suffering from heat prostration and dehydration and is too incapacitated to fight in ten days time.

It has been hotter than hot in New York recently, and today, with the temperature expected to reach over a hundred degrees, rumor has it that greedy landlords in the five boroughs have been renting refrigerators for habitation to beat the heat. Unfortunately, John Duddy has been living in a conventional apartment and, accordingly, he has been advised by his doctors to postpone the Orleans fight until a later date.

John is doing fine now, reports Irish Ropes advisor Jim Borzell, but trying to do his roadwork and train at Gleason’s during the New York hot spell affected his health and his training.

John is disappointed for his fans expecting the Vegas fight, but there is no way he could be ready to go on August 10. We look forward to a big fall fight in September in New York for John.

Duddy, with his 17 fight win streak, 15 by KO, has been called one of the hottest prospects to hit the boxing scene in decades, but this may be taken things a tad too far.