Dear Antonio & Bob,

How can you be the most feared fighter in the world? I’ve made it well known several times that I’ll fight you for my WBA super welterweight title. Just name the time and place, as long as the deal is right.

Hey, amigo, I must be the most feared super welterweight in the world because none of the top 154-pounders like De La Hoya, Cory Spinks and Mosley want a piece of me.

Strap ‘em on and move up to my weight class. You’re a great fighter and we’d renew the Puerto Rican-Mexican rivalry that always turns out to be a memorable slugfest. It’s a fight boxing fans all over the world would love to watch.

I am a three-time world champion. My WBA super welterweight title winning bout May 6 against Alejandro Garcia on Showtime is the leading 2006 Fight of the Year. I dropped Garcia five times and he’d only been floored once coming into our fight.

I work fulltime as a court officer to support my family. How many other world champions have a fulltime job? I work hard, I have overcome many obstacles and now I want a big payday. I have earned that and you’re my meal ticket, Antonio.

Mr. Arum, I read your quote, “Anybody with the guts to fight Antonio is fine with me.” Well, I have the guts to fight Antonio. You know my promoter, Don King. I’m sure that you two can work out the details. I’ll fight him in his backyard if that’s what it takes to make it happen. You offered Mayweather $8 million to fight and I will do it for $1 million.   

Antonio let’s get it on. So far, you’ve talked about fighting everybody but me. Here’s your chance to fight a real world champion.

Waiting to hear from you,

“El Gallo” Jose Antonio Rivera

Three-Time World Champion