In anticipation of Saturday’s PPV fight from Boise, Idaho against titleholder Prince Badi Ajamu, former pound-for-pound king Roy Jones Jr. made these comments to the press.

“I am boxing because I love what I do. There is no other reason. I’ve got nothing to prove – nothing to prove to anybody. They know who I am and where I have been. It has to do with where I came from. You can ask all of the other fighters in this industry: Who was number one in the middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight and the heavyweight division? Who made more money in all of those divisions except for Mike Tyson – who was only big in the heavyweight division? Outside of that, there is only Roy Jones Jr. and you know this. I bring fashion to the sport like no one else.”

“If I want to have a good time, I should be able to do this, right?”

“I am having a wonderful time in training. It is so funny because you go though ups and you go through downs. People have to realize that my career started on a down. I got ripped of a gold medal at the Olympics and it didn’t stop me and it made me a better person. So any time God sends me through a down time, he is only trying to make me a better person. So now I am HAPPY. You see me train. You see me enjoy myself. You see me smile. Why? Because he send me through downs for a reason. Because he wants to see me happy again. But if He keeps me down – that’s what he has planned for the champ.”

“There is one thing I remember about Muhammad Ali. He said, 'I don’t like my condition, but if this is what the Good Lord has planned for me to deal with – I am happy with that.' You have to understand – that comes from my idol, one of the guys that got me started in boxing”.

“So a few knockouts – a few losses in boxing, can’t possibly stop me. You say ‘What, are you serious?’ You just watch Saturday night and you’ll wee what I am talking about.”

“I don’t know what kind of mode I will go into on Saturday night. I am going into the have fun mode. What I will do is enjoy myself in the boxing ring. That’s what I do and that’s what I am back to doing. Really, you know what I have to do? The only thing I have to do is make weight, but other than that, I am great.”