Ricky Hatton looks to a future absent Arturo Gatti

Ricky Hatton was hoping Arturo Gatti would emerge victorious Saturday night with Carlos Baldomir's WBC welterweight belt fitting loosley around his waist, but the once potentially lucrative Hatton-Gatti unification bout looks to be headed for the scrapheap.

Among those especially disappointed by Saturday's early stoppage was Hatton's trainer Billy Graham.

“That's just cost me an absolute fortune,” he told Sky Sports. “We really needed Gatti to win. Baldomir has got the belt, but he's not really attractive.”

Graham believes WBA welterweight champion Hatton could handle the Argentinean without much trouble, but he also believes Floyd Mayweather Jr. must be licking his lips at what he perceives to be an easy fight.

“I think he (Baldomir) is very beatable,” continued Graham. “I think Mayweather will be desperate to fight him, let's put it that way.”

Graham, like most who witnessed Ricky's uninspiring debut as 147 against Luis Collazo in May, thinks Hatton would be wise to move back down to junior welterweight… were it not for the scratch.

“You've got to be realistic,â€? Graham said. “All the big fights are in the welterweight division, all the big money is in the welterweight division.

“The decision won't be mine. I've said what I believe, I think Ricky Hatton is a light-welterweight, but money dictates.” Read more at the BLOG