Live Saturday night from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ (HBO), Carlos Baldomir defends the welterweight belt he won from Zab Judah against the indefatigable Arturo Gatti. The Argentine Baldomir has a granite chin, nerves of steel, and is hungrier than Jersey’s favorite son, but Gatti’s resurgent boxing skills and kamikaze ethos should make for a thrilling fight. This is how The Sweet Science writers see Baldomir vs. Gatti.

Ok, so Carlos Baldomir beat Zab Judah pretty handily, and Judah would destroy Arturo Gatti (right?) if they ever fought. So why is Baldomir a slight underdog against Gatti? Shouldn't Baldomir be a runaway favorite? Didn't Gatti look horrible against the pedestrian Damgaard in his last fight? Am I stalling for time on my prediction? Absolutely. In a fight that gives new meaning to the word bloodshed, Baldomir by unanimous decision.
Mitch Abramson

I think Baldomir is too strong and solid at this weight. I don't think Gatti will be able to hurt Baldomir if Zab Judah couldn't. Gatti's only hope will be to box smartly for twelve rounds. Baldomir by twelve round decision or a late fight stoppage.
Ralph Gonzalez

Gatti by unanimous decision or late KO in an exciting match that will bring out the best of his abilities – the boxer and the action brawler.
Amy Green

Even up, you have to like Gatti's superior boxing techniques – but at the inflated 2-1 odds in Arturo's favor, I think the gritty Baldomir is a worthy bet. If he could catch up with Zab Judah, he should be able to eventually slow down Gatti. This is a big welterweight fight; unfortunately none of the big welterweights – including the 3M's of Mayweather, Mosley and Margarito – are in it. Baldomir by decision, or conceivably by TKO on cuts is the tepid pick here.
Michael Katz

Arturo Gatti fighting Carlos Baldomir is the kind of fight that Gatti should win… a guy who's not a big banger without top end punching speed who relies on getting inside to be effective of the distance… other than Ivan Robinson, who was quick, this is the exact kind of fighter that Arturo Gatti handles most effectively… Gatti and Pat Lynch and trainer Buddy McGirt understand that Baldomir beating Judah was a stroke of kismet for them and Gatti will never have this kind of chance for what amounts to a universal championship.
Patrick Kehoe

As Buddy McGirt pointed out earlier in the week, the undisputed welterweight title should by rights have been at stake in this fight. Although he is the younger of the two, Gatti is surely the oldest 34-year-old boxer in captivity, and at this stage of the game there probably aren’t a lot of top welterweights he can beat, but Baldomir would appear to be one of them. Unlike Judah, you can take it for granted that Gatti will come to fight, and unless – and this is always a big if – he's stopped on cuts, we like Gatti by decision.
George Kimball

Baldomir beat Judah when Judah looked awful and that is how he arrived on our screens. We know he will keep coming at Gatti because that's the way he fights, and we saw how Gatti boxed and moved in breaking down Thomas Damgaard in his last bout. Gatti hits harder and is faster than Baldomir. The fact that Baldomir has been a welterweight for longer doesn't concern me much, Gatti has been blowing up after weighing in at 140 so the weight isn't an issue. I think Gatti is more likely to box and move and pick Baldomir apart as he continues to come at him. It's not quite the matador vs. the bull theory . . . but if it turns out that way who would you rather be on? Carlos has a good chin which he needs because he defense isn't all that good but the fact he gets cut over the eyes is a concern against a guy who can hit like Gatti. Both can become bleeders but still, I see Baldomir as being the one who gets cut up as Arturo may be stronger at 147 than at 140 . . . scary thought!
Joey Knish

Arturo Gatti has proven himself to be a warrior time and time again but he's also reinvented himself as a boxer under Buddy McGirt. Mixing boxing with slugging works for Gatti and he'll give more than he'll take. It won't be pretty, it won't be easy, but it will be a “W”. Arturo Gatti via unanimous decision.
Scott Mallon

Although Baldomir has a well-deserved reputation for winning fights he's expected to lose on the road, it is hard to imagine him losing to Gatti. Gatti has been beaten by several light-hitting opponents such as Ivan Robinson, but Robinson was a masterful boxer. While Baldomir is very tough and resilient, Gatti should be able to outbrawl or outbox him. Assuming Gatti doesn't get seriously cut, he should win a clear-cut decision. Gatti W 12.
Bob Mladinich

You got to love boxing when a guy like Carlos Baldomir who’s been in it forever can still step up and win a credible world title. I saw Baldomir the first time about a decade ago when he scored a very controversial draw against Dingaan Thobela in a WBC International welterweight title fight that was being sold as an elimination to face Oscar De La Hoya. Of course neither got that opportunity and while Baldomir did not impress me, he does have the ability to defuse big hitters. He’s got a head on his shoulders and that will be key in his match with Gatti. While my heart says Gatti should win, my head says we could see another points victory going Baldomir’s way.
Deon Potgieter

This is a fight I don’t want to miss — not because boxing’s future lies in the balance; it has the makings of a great scrap: Gatti, paper skin or not, can still bang. Every time he’s been beaten or outclassed, it’s been by a much quicker guy. Baldomir’s there to be hit. Any guy Gatti can keep hitting will fall – no matter how much Corazon. Baldomir’s bigger and stronger, but his chin doesn’t have muscles. Gatti by TKO in a bloodbath.
Joe Rein

Arturo Gatti says bet the house on him because he's not only the better boxer in this fight, but the better puncher as well, and of course he's fighting in his favorite playground, Atlantic City. I wouldn't risk everything or even a significant wager on Gatti as he's going to have his hands full with the hardnosed Carlos Baldomir who's determined to show us that his victory over Zab Judah was no fluke. He's also got some Argentinean magic in his corner with Amilcar Brusa who trained the legendary Carlos Monzon. The styles of these two should make for an exciting and bruising fight, and after going back and forth on this one, I give a hesitant nod to Gatti to win a close decision. The fact that Baldomir doesn't have the fastest hands and will stay right in front of Gatti all night gives the Jersey boy a legitimate chance, but don't bet the house on it.
Benn Schulberg

If Arturo Gatti can consistently move Carlos Baldomir to the ropes, he will voluminously punch his way to the welterweight title. If Baldomir can stay in the center of the ring, Gatti will have a frustrating night. In what seems like a pick ‘em fight to me, I am going to go with Gatti because his resiliency has made me eat crow on more than one occasion. Gatti by unanimous decision.
Aaron Tallent

Just call me King of all Wusses. I'm seeing a draw here. Similar motivation levels, ages, Gatti slightly slicker boxer, Baldo with better durability. If the judges behave themselves, I see a draw, and a helluva fight…
Michael Woods

If Gatti wins this his financial options go through the roof once more. If Baldomir comes through again, he'll be even more of a high risk – low reward commodity. Both men will be equally motivated. Gatti can always get fragile or ancient before your eyes, but it won't happen yet. Gatti by entertaining TKO somewhere between the 8th and 10th.
Phil Woolever