Danny Williams shown the door by Matt Skelton

Matt Skelton, who has been boxing professionally for only four years, outboxed, outfoxed, and ultimately out-slugged former heavyweight contender Danny Williams to regain the British Commonwealth heavyweight title.

Skelton bamboozled Williams by turning from slugger to boxer, and Williams, presumably the superior boxer of the two, seemed at a loss as to how to adjust.

All three judges scored the bout in Skelton’s favor. Terry O’Connor and John Keane had it 117-112 and Paul Thomas scored it 115-114.

After the bout Skelton revealed that he fought with a fractured right hand. Not to be outdone, Williams admitted that he hurt his back three weeks ago.

Those who wrote off Danny Williams may need to write him off again, whereas a whole new world is about to open up for Matt Skelton. His promoter Frank Warren may soon begin negotiations with the Russian giant and present WBA heavyweight titleholder Nikolai Valuev.