Live Saturday night from the Savvis Center in St. Louis, Missouri, and broadcast on Showtime Championship Boxing, Roman “Made in Hell” Karmazin defends the IBF junior middleweight crown against former welterweight champion Cory “The Next Generation” Spinks. Karmazin decisioned Ouma, has the belt and heavy hands, and the memorable ring moniker. Spinks lost to Zab, has the hometown advantage, the demons and new weight. This is how The Sweet Science writers see Karmazin vs. Spinks.

I'm a big Spinks fan. There's something about a guy who has basically no punching power, only guile and skill, being able to beat someone who hits a lot harder. So here we have Spinks, who couldn't crack or an egg, against Karmazin, who could crack a coconut. My mind (what's left of it after the July 4th weekend) tells me Karmazin, but my heart says Spinks. Prediction: Don King will win no matter what. Spinks by UD
Mitch Abramson

Cory Spinks will snap St. Louis slump with masterful boxing exhibition and win a 12-round decision.
Michael Katz

We don't see either guy knocking the other out (Karmazin can't punch much, and Spinks can't punch at all), so the crowd could in the end be the difference. This one has all the earmarks of turning into another one of those bouts where the Russian wins the fight but loses the decision. Come to think of it, Karmazin was working Dmitri Kirillov's corner back in May when exactly that happened.
George Kimball

Karmazin hasn't fought in a year since knocking Ouma off his pedestal. But if the same guy shows up against Spinks, I believe he has the style, power, and size to stop the Jinx around the eighth.
Zachary Levin

Spinks was no puncher at 147 and will be even less of a banger at 154. Unable to hold off Karmazin, he will go into survival mode and lose a one-sided decision. Karmazin W 12.
Bob Mladinich

The last time Spinks tried to dance and move his way to victory in a major title fight in his backyard we all know what the outcome was. Call me a St. Louis sympathizer, but despite the record on his home turf, I see him coming through and giving his fans something to cheer about. Karmazin is a hard puncher with skill as he showed against Ouma, but Spinks has the ability and style to make him look bad. I like Spinks in a close decision.
Benn Schulberg

Spinks is 28, Karmazin is 33. Karmazin hasn't fought in a year, Spinks hasn't fought in a year and a half. Karmazin dominated a tough Kassim Ouma in his last fight, Spinks was KO'd by the “real” Zab Judah. In addition to the heartbreaking loss, and the quest to rebuild his career, the long layoff will prove to be more beneficial to the younger, as well as faster fighter. Spink by UD.
Alex Stone

Considering the ease Roman Karmazin had in dismantling the hard-punching Kassim Ouma, it is hard to give Cory Spinks much of a chance. Ouma and Spinks are both southpaws and possess the same reach. Spinks will bring more speed than Ouma, but his punch was considered weak by welterweight standards. The move up in weight will prove to be too big a step for the light-hitting Spinks, especially against a seasoned fighter like Karmazin. Karmazin by unanimous decision.
Aaron Tallent

Spinks has been beset with romantic woes and managerial/promotional snafus…Is his head truly back where it belongs, firmly entrenched in getting himself ready to face a fighter with a superb grasp of the basics, Karmazin, who comes from a place where winning was paramount to his survival, not merely a launching pad to fame and fortune? We won't know until Saturday. I see this as a 50-50 bet, but am leaning towards Spinks' hand and foot speed being a tad much for the more mechanical Karmazin.
Michael Woods

Karmazin goes right into the St. Louis lion's den, but how much danger there is in Spinks's claws remains a question. If Spinks makes a silly extended entrance like he did against Judah in their rematch, it could signal more trouble for Leon's boy. More likely, Spinks will try and get down to business quickly and establish a pattern of hit and get out like he did against Judah the first time. Look for a fight similar to Spinks-Mayorga. The hometown fans should leave happy, but if Karmazin manages to get the job done he deserves consideration on the pound-for-pound list.
Phil Woolever