How to punch like Ernie Shavers

As Danny Williams prepares to defend his Commonwealth heavyweight title against Matt Skelton Saturday in Cardiff, Wales, the Brixton Bomber has received some expert advice from a man who knows a thing or two about punching.

Former heavyweight contender Ernie Shavers, 60, the man Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes both consider the hardest hitter they ever met, has been advising Danny Williams on ways to maximize his punching power.

Shavers suggested Williams hit a truck tire with a sledgehammer. He also advised Williams to set Skelton up by throwing his punches at less than full power, before delivering the coup de grace.

According to Seconds Out, Shavers said, If he sets Skelton up with the jab in the first three rounds and then goes in with the power he can knock Skelton out inside five or six rounds Danny’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He’s so well-spoken and polite I couldn’t believe he was a fighter! But after I met him we exchanged DVDs and videos (of each other’s fights) and I think he can go all the way and win the (heavyweight world) title.”