Former Tyson foe busted for driving getaway car

I’m going to wrap you in a cocoon of horror. Peter McNeeley trash talk before his 1995 fight with Mike Tyson.

One-time heavyweight contender Peter McNeeley, best known for his gutsy but short-lived effort against the just-released-from-prison Mike Tyson in 1995, was busted Thursday on charges that he drove a getaway car in the armed robbery of a drug store.

The 37-year-old McNeeley of Norwood, Mass. was being held without bail pending arraignment in Stoughton District Court. McNeeley’s accomplice in the alleged heist was homie Robert Perry, 47, also of Norwood, who was charged with armed robbery.

McNeeley was charged with being an accessory after the fact.

Police Lt. Thomas Murphy told the AP that the Perry entered a Stoughton Walgreen’s shortly after midnight and demanded money from the clerk. The clerk forked it over and Perry got into a car in the parking lot… with McNeeley behind the wheel.

Neighboring Canton police had been alerted and were on the lookout for the dynamic duo when they spotted the car driven by McNeeley. The cops stopped the car, the vehicle and robbers were searched, and police found $180 and no weapon.

But witnesses at the scene of the crime were able to identify Perry and Peter McNeeley.