Is WBO featherweight champ hitting the bottle?

Reports are swirling from across the pond that WBO featherweight champion Scott Harrison, who recently bolted rehab facilities in Glasgow and London, is once again hitting the sauce.

A report over the weekend suggested that the 28-year-old was drinking at his holiday home in Spain.

The champion is battling the alcoholism and depression which forced the cancellation of his May 20 title defense against Gairy St Clair in Belfast with just five days notice.

The WBO gave Harrison 180 days to clean up his act before making the next mandatory defense of his title. He promised under oath not to drink alcohol or take illegal drugs between now and the November 9 deadline.

Rumors being what they are, public relations being what it is, Harrison’s manager Frank Maloney said, “I’ve spoken to Scott this morning and he assures me that he is not drinking and I can’t say any more than that.

“People should just leave him alone.”

Maloney has a point. People should leave Scott Harrison alone (actually, people should leave everyone alone), but the WBO champ did flee rehab before the program was complete, so are what are people to think?

“I’m not with him at the moment, added Maloney, I’m in Jordan on boxing business but the plans are still the same. His father Peter and I will be going over to see him next week. He is due for a medical within the next fortnight with a report sent to the WBO and he knows the seriousness of the consequences if he has been drinking.

“But he has told me he is not drinking so let’s not pre-judge.”