Sweden says “nej” once again to the sweet science

Sweden, the birthplace of former heavyweight champion Ingemar Johansson and a land notorious for its long days and even longer nights, recently passed a new law reinforcing an old law that bans professional boxing from its chilly northern clime.

The anti-boxing faction in the Swedish Parliament’s June 15 vote won the day and it’s a terrible blow for those who consider boxing pro social and not just a game of black eyes, broken noses, and larcenous intent.

The old anti-boxing measure has been in effect since 1970 and has forced many a Swede with an itch to fight to immigrate to our shores.

The new law states that all combat sport (pro boxing, K1, UFC, etc.) promoters need a license from the state to stage competitions; said license will only be granted only if the safety of the athletes can be guaranteed 100% safe (like in checkers or chess).

The new anti-boxing edict, which differs from the old anti-boxing edict in name only, becomes law on September 1.