The Sweet Science spotlights boxing-related fiction

Due to unpopular demand, the demand to which it seems we’re most responsive, The Sweet Science is inaugurating a regular feature called Sweet Science Fiction.

Sweet Science Fiction is pretty much as it sounds: it’s fiction, in this case short fiction, which is boxing-related, boxing-tinged, boxing-hued, and which might be of interest to our readers.

“Are You Lou’s Son?” by Peter Wood set the tone and a high standard with his elegant blending of fact and fiction (faction), reality and fantasy, reportage and literature. TSS’s editor-in-chief Robert Ecksel has an excerpt from his fictional Don King autobiography in the can and ready to post. The always compelling Rick Folstad has something stewing in the batter’s box.

As a courtesy we wanted to let you know about Sweet Science Fiction in advance, to avoid any possible confusion, to avoid any possible litigation.