Alexander Abraham is one of the most promising light middleweights fighting in Germany. He is under contract with Sauerland Event and that gives him many opportunities to prove just how talented he is. In two and a half years as a professional, Alexander built a record of 16 wins (12 KOs) and 1 draw. He is the brother of IBF middleweight champion Arthur Abraham (21-0 with 17 KOs) and that’s part of the reason why he is already famous in two countries. As a matter of fact, when they came back to Armenia after Arthur’s win over Kingsley Ikeke (KO 5) for the IBF belt, the landing of the plane was broadcasted live by Armenian television. In Germany, Alexander has fought in almost every arena; the major ones being Berlin, Magdeburg, Erfurt, Kempten, Hamburg and Mannheim. He also fought in Italy last year, where he drew with Sylvain Gomis over 6 rounds. Alexander got revenge on December 11, 2005 in Hamburg: a unanimous decision after 8 rounds. I met Alexander Abraham at Sauerland Event’s training center located in Kienbaum (one hour from Berlin, with another 30 minutes added because of the traffic) and interviewed him with Media Director Heiko Mallwitz serving as translator.

Alexander, when did you get started in boxing?

When I was a little boy, in Armenia. For 10 years, I fought among amateurs in many European countries. I competed in the lightweight and light welterweight divisions. When my parents moved to Germany, I kept on fighting and winning here.

Who was your idol?

Mike Tyson. I liked him also because he let his fists do the talking in the ring. That’s what a professional boxer should do. I don’t approve the fighters who turn themselves into clowns.

Wouldn’t you do some showbiz if it meant fighting in America?

I would like to fight in America and I understand that showbiz is important there, but I’m a fighter not an entertainer. I would just participate to the press conference and pose for the photos.

You scored many KO wins. Do you consider yourself a power puncher?

I consider myself a technical boxer, but I can knockout everybody.

How did you decide to sign with Sauerland Event?

Three years ago, I was training with my brother in a boxing camp in Kassel (near Frankfurt) and our mentor Luther Kanenberg called Sauerland Event and told them: “I got two Armenian brothers: they are talented, maybe you can use them as sparring partners.” Sauerland Event invited us to their gym and asked us to spar with IBF/WBA super middleweight champion Sven Ottke. They liked our style and offered us a contract. Our trainer is the legendary Ulli Wegner.

Who is the world champion of a major organization that you would like to fight?

WBO light middleweight champion Sergei Dzinziruk, his style is perfect for me. I’m not saying that I would take him lightly: he is an excellent boxer, can punch and he is physically very strong. In fact, he also won the European title and has a perfect record of 31-0 (21 KO). He is from Ukraine, but he fights in Germany for another organization.


Nobody can talk about Alexander and Arthur Abraham with more knowledge that Sauerland Event Sports Director Hagen Doering.

Mr. Doering, were you surprised by the success of these guys?

No, because I brought them to the team. When Luther Kanenberg called me, I told him to send the kids here in Berlin and asked our chief trainer Ulli Wegner to keep an eye on them. I watched the training sessions every day and after just one week I decided to sign them. This happened in 2003. I believed so much in Arthur’s skills that I put him against Hector Javier Velazco (who was 31-4-1) in 2005; maybe it was too early for such a fight, but Arthur won by 5th round KO. That’s why I was sure that he would defeat Kingsley Ikeke for the vacant IBF middleweight title. Ironically, it also happened in 5 rounds. Arthur proved to be a fighting champion, successfully defending the title against Shannan Taylor and Kofi Jantuah (on points, both times). Three title matches in five months, all of them won, need no further comments.

Do you think that Alexander can become world champion?

Yes, he can. He is as talented as his brother, but Alexander needs more time to prepare for a major bout. When he is ready, he will fight for the world title and win it.

Alexander Abraham
Born on July 14, 1981 in Yerevan (Armenia)
Real name: Alexander Abrahamyan
Hometown: Berlin (Germany)
Stance: Orthodox
Trainer: Ulli Wegner
Manager: Sauerland Event
Record: 16 wins (12 KOs) and 1 draw
Division: light middleweight
Arthur Abraham
Born on February 20, 1980 in Yerevan (Armenia)
Real name: Avetik Abrahamyan
Hometown: Berlin (Germany)
Stance: Orthodox
Trainer: Ulli Wegner
Manager: Sauerland Event
Record: 21 wins (17 KOs) in 21 matches
Middleweight Titles:
WBA international champion in 2004
IBF world champion since December 10, 2005